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We invest time, expertise and capital to make your idea successful


Everything man made started with an idea. Turning an idea into a successful business, product or service is dependent on great support, whether it is knowledge or capital.


Cebon I.D.E (A) is an investment company that focuses on helping you and your idea reach its full potential by offering a ready-to-go platform that will support you prior, during and after launching your product on the market.


Our 30 years of experience have given us the opportunity to gain knowledge and an ever expanding network both globally and locally. With us you never have to feel alone – our purchasers, marketing team, customer service, warehouse and sales channels are already in place and ready-to-go, which will make your time-to-market faster and expansion more efficient.


With our support you can reach your potential


CEBON I.D.E.A is part of CEBON Group and main focus is to steer the groups focus and investments towards new growth potentials and exciting collaborations which will fuel the growth for the group.


Cebon I.D.E.A is a newly created business unit starting in 2016, although this is new the group have extensive experience with more than 30 years in international business and relations.

With our broad and knowledgeable corporate platform within CEBON GROUP, we believe and hope that CEBON I.D.E.A will be the ideal partner for You, compared towards the traditional investment groups.

Our investments rest on two Pillars:  Brain & Capital! Which means that our focus is to add values through our expertise, experience and network as well as capital injections.


With our ”Ready to go” concept we help you speed up your developments, expansion or launch programs. Your TTM will definitely be shortened  and the  probability of success will be improved. Our toolbox is ready to be used.


With 30 years of experience we have created global, regional and local networks. Our knowledge is derived both from success and failures, and always from eagerness to overcome challenges and creating benefits for our partners.  With our experience, your curiosity and our mutual willingness to succeed we will make 1+1= 3.


Ready to go

Don't invent the wheel again


CEBON I.D.E.A will have over 100 employees to its disposal to support and drive NB (New business) projects. In the CEBON group hands your Idea will be carefully taken care of. You will have numerous options of added value services to pick from, already from day 1.

Sales, marketing, finance, logistics, customer service, e-commerce platform, management, purchase. All functions made by our dedicated in house teams with global, national, regional and local active networks.


With these resources available we will be able to kick start your project instead of you having to “invent the wheel again”. That´s why we call our turnkey concept “Ready to go”.


Your ideas are safe with us


Integrity and trust is basics for all successful business relations. When you bring your product or innovation to us, we will treat all information with utmost discretion and integrity. This still stands whether we pursue with your project or not.

Our IDE(A) Team

Stefan Rundeus




Magnus Clavegård

Head of new business



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