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Cebon has been active in Asia since 1986. What started as a small business buying and importing watch batteries is today a business that supplies stores all over the nordic countries, France and Italy with all kinds of different products and services.


Ofcourse we have kept the business that started it all, batteries.

We have been experiencing first hand the ups and downs in trading with Asia. With more than 30 years in business we accumilated alot of knowledge how to proceed in almost all areas of business.


For a more hands on approac and to fully meet our and our clients expactation we have a team in place in Asia in a varius number of business areas.

Many of our partners has been with us for a long time. We trust them, and they trust us. This is important in a lot of different way and will benefit you as much as it benefits us.

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Our activities in Asia started over 30 year ago. The experience and active platform we bring to the table will be a valuable tool for your developments.


The starting point for the entire company was batteries. It is still today one of our most important pillars.



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